"Maker's Flame": Large ChromaLuxe Print

Makers Flame_ProfPhoto_Resized.jpeg
Makers Flame_ProfPhoto_Resized.jpeg

"Maker's Flame": Large ChromaLuxe Print


High-gloss ChromaLuxe reproduction on aluminum.
31.5” W x 60” L

“Maker’s Flame” honors the Samuels family legacy and pays tribute to the fire symbolism that infuses the brand. From the beginning of the story when Bill Sr. burned the old family mash bill (and, in the process, his daughter's hair!) to the passing of the torch between generations, fire figures prominently in every drop of Maker's Mark bourbon.

The print captures the image of MJ Kinman’s original 9’ tall art quilt commissioned by Maker’s Mark in 2018, now part of their permanent collection. The original work, inspired by a glowing topaz, includes over 900 pieces of hand-painted fabric and is finished with traditional quilting techniques.

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ChromaLuxe uses cutting-edge printing technology to create stunning prints that are crisp, vibrant, permanent, and scratch resistant. They rival any other photographic product or paper print on the market today.

Each image is printed on a sleek aluminum panel. A mounting frame and hardware are attached to the back for easy hanging. The dimensional frame creates the illusion that the panel is floating away from the wall, creating a dramatic drop shadow.

All Chromaluxe reproductions are custom ordered. While the most popular sizes are listed here, all images can be reproduced at any ratio up to 4' x 8'. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping is included in pricing.