Columbus, Ohio

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Julie Manis

More information about Julie is on its way!

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Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

Debbie Matthie

Debbie started sewing with her mother and grandmother as a young girl, which involved clothing and home décor. Her quilting career began about 21 years ago, after taking a beginner’s class in a local quilt store, called Fabric Fantasy, in Innisfail. Little did she know how much she loved learning this craft, and how inspired she became seeing the beautiful quilts that others had made.

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For a time, she loved to make clothes and outerwear for her family. However, when her children kindly requested that their clothing come from a store, she needed to find a new outlet for her sewing skills. Quilting allowed her to revive my sewing skills to create them something of sentimental value.

Debbie has always challenged herself to try different techniques. Classes are her favorite way to learn and she is constantly inspired by the instructors’ knowledge and experience. She has made many quilts that have been gifted to her family and friends over the years. She purchased an embroidery machine about 3 years ago and loved the machine’s ability to create intricate items. (And her hands loved the break!)  Her other craft favorites are hand embroidery, cross stitch, crochet and knitting. Debbie’s crafty side has been passed down from her Mother and Maternal Grandmother. Debbie’s grandmother was an amazing needlework stitcher and sewer. Her mother continues to create beautiful hand and machine projects with expert ability. 

Recently, Debbie has started teaching classes, for both work and as a freelance instructor.  She loves working with other quilters and sharing the tips and techniques she has learned.  Debbie is one of the founding members of the Wild Rows Country Quilters Guild in Innisfail, and an active member of the Central Alberta Quilters Guild in Red Deer. She enjoys the social and community work for charities with these two dynamic guilds. Retreats are another personal favorite, as they provide her the perfect opportunity to share ideas and finish projects while playing with friends.

The fabric store where Debbie works satisfies her addiction with the task of making quilt samples for display. She no longer needs to buy every beautiful fabric and pattern she sees, although she still find kits and patterns that she’d like to make. Debbie’s retirement package, not called “a stash”, continues to grow in my cozy little sewing room.

I’m thrilled to have Debbie join us as a Gem Affiliate in Alberta, Canada. To schedule classes with Debbie, you can contact her at!

Springhill, Florida (Tampa area)

Debbie Nastelli

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Debbie’s first foray into sewing was creating Halloween costumes for her kiddos when they were little. Now she sews costumes for the grandkids! What Debbie loves most about quilting is building community. She is excited to bring my gem patterns to your community. (More info about Debbie to come!)

To schedule a class with Debbie, you can contact her at 352-428-0264.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee & Edisto Island, South Carolina

Lyvonn Reese

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Lyvonn is a mighty force of joy. She loves quilters and makers of all kinds….So much so that she has dedicated her life to creating marvelous spaces for them to gather, create, and relax. Her Threads Retreats in Murfreesboro (just southeast of Nashville) and on Edisto Island are spacious, gracious get-aways that refresh one’s creative spirit. Lyvonn hosted our second Gem Affiliate retreat in August 2019 where she, herself, became a new Gem Affiliate. We loved spending time with her in her wonderful environment. (More info about Lyvonn is in its way!)

She would love to share that environment with you and your group, so give her a call and book a class or get-away! You can reach her at 615-714-8132 or visit to learn more about her marvelous places.

Calgary, Alberta & Willing to Travel

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Caroleigh Shearing

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Caroleigh learned to sew and quilt at a very young age.  She started making her clothes and quilts after receiving her first sewing machine at age 6. After having spent 35 years in the import/retail industry, Caroleigh has returned to her passion — quilting! It’s been a 3-year journey during which she took lessons from professionals to learn the newest and latest techniques. She’s been teaching quiltmaking techniques since 2018.

After completing numerous quilts in various styles — from a traditional Log Cabin to a Quilt-As-You-Go pattern to paper piecing — she was searching for new ideas and a new challenge. Once she was introduced to the Birthstone Series gems she was hooked! She’s passionate about the gems and is excited to pass freezer-paper piecing techniques on to her students.

Caroleigh makes her home in Calgary, but will travel wherever necessary to show others that they, too, can create their own gems! To schedule a class with Caroleigh, shoot her an email at

Grants Pass, Oregon

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Carey Smith

It’s not by accident that Carey loves sewing, quilting and working with fabric.  She is a third-generation fiber artist and displays many of their masterpieces proudly in her home.  As a child, she watched as her grandmother pieced quilts and helped “tie” them together with “yarn” for each grandchild as keepsakes.  Her aunt and mother taught her the fundamentals of working with fabric in all mediums.  She uses their advice to this day when working with her quilts.  Upon graduating from high school, she received her first BERNINA sewing machine — still her favorite.       

Carey Smith is a native of Grants Pass, Oregon and has worked in the pupil transportation industry for more than thirty years.  During this time, she loved taking classes and attending workshops from instructors across the country to keep current with new skills and techniques.   In December of 2018 she retired to pursue her passion for quilting full time and spend more time with her family. 

In August of 2019, Carey became a Certified Gem Affiliate to teach the same freezer-paper technique I use to make my giant gem quilts.  She is available to teach at quilt guilds, quilt shops, workshops, and private events.  To schedule a class with Carey, give her a call or send her an email. Here's her contact information:

Calgary, Alberta & Willing to Travel

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Allison Spence

Allison Spence B.Ed. has a long association with crafting in the form of knitting, sewing and quilting. Her introduction to quilting was a tied quilt given to her newborn daughter by her sister-in-law almost 40 years ago. This was the start of an incredible and most enjoyable journey. She began teaching sewing and quilting while working at a sewing machine dealer in Calgary, Alberta. 

Allison loves to teach others how to quilt and owned her own fabric store and sewing school in Calgary for 6 years. The joy and satisfaction in student’s eyes when they “get it” is almost payment enough! Allison encourages students to go further and see what they can do on their own.  Allison splits her time between teaching others about all aspects of quilting and sewing, quilting on her longarm for customers and herself and creating new projects to piece and quilt.  In addition to being a Gem Affiliate, Allison is a Handi-Quilter National Educator. 

 To set up a class with Allison, give her a ring at 403-819-8126! You can find out more about Allison by visiting her website at

Atlanta, Georgia area & Willing to Travel

Carol Stanek

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Carol brings a unique set of skills to the Certified Gem Affiliate Program with her background in corporate meeting and event planning: she has the expertise to organize retreats and special teaching events. Carol has also been sewing since she was 10 making garments and progressing into home-décor projects for interior decorators. She has been teaching classes since 2012 at quilt shops and guilds in the Atlanta area. She loves teaching and seeing people have fun while growing more confident in creating beautiful quilts.

In 2015 Carol became a Certified Instructor with Judy Niemeyer Quilting, she also completed several years of Sulky Certified Instructor Training and now has become a Gem Affiliate. Carol lives in the Atlanta metro-area and will be teaching in the southeastern region, but is always willing to travel wherever the quilter’s want to hold class!

To schedule a class with Carol, you can give her a call or email (see her contact info below). You can also find out more about this amazing quiltmaker by visiting her website or social media sites.

Contact Info:
Etsy Shop: StitchwithColor
Instagram: StitchwithColor

Carseland, Alberta (Canada)

Nancy Strath

Nancy Strath Headshot_pp1.jpg

When Nancy started making quilts 20 years ago, the quilt making process brought her so much joy that she wanted to share this with the world.  In 2011, she built a day retreat facility on their family farm near Carseland, Alberta (Canada) where she teaches and hosts open sew days to give creative souls the opportunity to pursue their passions away from the distractions at home.

In 2014 Nancy became a Certified Instructor with Judy Niemeyer Quilting, she completed Teacher Training with Westalee Rulers and most recently became a Gem Affiliate.

Nancy loves traveling to teach for guilds, shops and groups of creative friends, or she hosts workshops at her own studio, Bow Bench Retreat. Please email her for more information.

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Round Rock, Texas

Debbie Stuart

Debbie Stuart is a quilter, computer longarm-er, manufacturer of quilting products, teacher and lecturer.  She has been making quilts for over 30 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Education and taught Middle School Math for 10 years before returning to the corporate world.  She retired in 2016 and now devotes her time to all-things-quilting.

Debbie Stuart Headshot_pp1.jpg

Debbie has travelled extensively and these experiences have allowed her to become familiar with many different types of patchwork and quilting techniques.  She loves trying new patterns, fabrics and products but is excited that she can combine her love of quilting, jewels and brightly colored fabric as she teaches my Birthstone Series and other gemstone patterns yet to come.

She lives in South-Central Texas and is available to teach these Gems as either a Block of the Month Program or as a Gem Technique Class. Contact Debbie for more details and to schedule a class/lecture today!

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Debbie Stuart
It’s Time to Quilt

Syracuse, New York & Willing to Travel

Sturtevant CJ Final 2.jpg

CJ discovered her love of quilting after a long career as a scientist for a major pharmaceutical company. Now she helps people plan for their financial futures — that is, when she’s not in her quilt studio creating beautiful projects. She loves teaching people about quilting, including her own daughters who now also make lovely quilts. (More info about CJ coming soon!)

CJ is excited about becoming a Gem Affiliate and sharing gems and joy around upstate New York and beyond. To set up a class with CJ, shoot her an email at!

Reno, Nevada

Sandi Sullivan

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Sandi is the Chief Quiltmaker in Charge at Windy Moon Quilts in Reno, Nevada. She is an expert when it comes to caring for your sewing machine and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about needles and more! She’s also an amazing quiltmaker. More information about Sandi is on its way!

To find out more about classes at Windy Moon Quilts, give her a ring!

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Louisville, Kentucky

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Bonnie Taylor

Bonnie Taylor began quilting when she retired after many years in Property Management.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Drafting and a minor in Secondary Education, she is well qualified to work with students on all skill levels. And, having worked part-time in two quilting/fabric shops following retirement, she has further developed her people-skills and knowledge of fabrics.

Bonnie is available to conduct workshops for quilt groups, shops and guilds in her surrounding area.

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Fremont, Nebraska

Nancy Von Seggern Headshot.jpg

Nancy Von Seggern

Nancy von Seggern has been a quilt-piecer since childhood, teaching herself to hand piece and hand quilt before moving on to piecing with a sewing machine and becoming a longarmer.

She teaches a myriad of piecing classes at her shop in Fremont, Nebraska, embracing everything from traditional to modern to art quilting and teaches all levels of ability and interest. She has been successfully teaching my Birthstone Series as a Block of the Month, using freezer paper technique since the summer of 2018, when the patterns first came on the market. In December 2018, she became one of the first Certified Gem Affiliates.

 In her shop she offers Block of the Month, Birthday Block Parties (for her A’ La Carte customers each month) and Birthday Bling Blast Parties two times a year for those that may want to make four gemstones.

Nancy loves to teach textile related classes and sharing her years of experience and tips in an interesting, relevant and fun atmosphere. She understands the needs of shop and guilds, and her goal is to help you grow your quilt business profit or guild member engagement and new member numbers through the Birthstone Series and upcoming patterns. Let Nancy help you energize your group/shop!

Contact Info:

Chilliwack, British Columbia (Canada) & Willing to Travel

Vose Ann Margaret and Quilt_Final_pp1.jpg

Anne-Margaret Vose

Anne-Margaret has been sewing and crafting her whole life.  Her parents bought her first sewing machine for her 10th birthday and she hasn’t looked back.  She has made her own wedding dress, her daughter’s graduation dress, crafts and quilts. While she knits, crochets, cross-stitches, paper canvas, papier toles, scrapbooks and sews, her focus lately is quilting.  She usually has help in her craft room from her Bengal cat named Delilah who likes to steal her pins and roll on her quilts while she is sewing them.    

Anne-Margaret loves to learn new techniques and share the skills she has learned with others.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone accomplish something from scratch.  Her fabric inventory is her joy...all the colours, textures and possibilities. 

To schedule a class with Anne-Margaret, send her an email at!

Port Ludlow, Washington and Available to Travel

karena wells

karena wells

Karena Wells

Karena Wells is an artist, teacher, tutor and lecturer. She comes from a long line of sewists, makers, and re-creators. Since she was a small child, sewing, quilting, tailoring, leather and canvas work has been taught to her. She made her first quilt in third grade as part of a section on learning about the American West. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado, where she studied art, history and education. Her passion for learning has led her to study and take classes worldwide.

 As a lifelong artist with a dedication for teaching, quilting and working with textiles, Karena has traveled and lived around North America, Europe and Asia. Combining her passion and interest in learning about textiles, she has collected a vast knowledge of different techniques for sewing, piecing, dying, fiber manipulation, and quilting from around the world.

 In 1996 Karena introduced a quilting seminar to Festival of Arts, at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. She has been invited back every year, and you can find her there instructing a week long seminar every summer during Festival of Arts. She is always happy traveling to conduct fiber workshops for groups, retreats, shops and guilds.

 In her quest to continue learning new skills to pass on to her students, in 2015, Karena traveled to North Carolina to attend the inaugural Tuffet Source Affiliate program. In 2018, Karena was thrilled to attend the inaugural Gem Affiliate class in Kentucky.

 Karena now lives in her forever home in the Olympic Peninsula. When she is not creating or teaching, she works as a managing broker, helping people sell or buy homes.

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Roanoke, Virginia

Zuber Kelly final 2.jpg

Kelly Zuber

 Kelly Zuber believes there is just something special about creating beautiful quilts that melts away the stress of the day.  She spent 35 years in local television news and has certainly seen her share of heroism and heartbreak.  Quilting has always been her refuge and her muse.   Now she turns her attention to bringing the joy of quilting to a new generation of eager students as a Gem Affiliate.

With a degree in Communications and Journalism she knows how to tell a story and share her love of quilting in small classes and large workshops.  Kelly believes that teaching is learning, and learning is a lifelong journey.  She is an award-winning quilter who especially enjoys foundation paper piecing and hand appliqué.   When first introduced to my Birthstone Series and Diamond Diva Series, she knew she had found a totally different technique she wanted to share with confident beginners and seasoned quilters everywhere.  She’s always excited to book a class at your quilt shop or visit your guild for a lively gem workshop.

Kelly lives in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and is a member of the Star Quilters Guild and the Virginia Consortium of Quilters.  She and her husband have managed a successful small business for more than 30 years, and she recently launched her quilt venture appropriately named Kelly Loves Quilts.

Contact Kelly to set up a class today!

(540) 309-0317