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Bite-Sized Gem Quilts: Create a Small Faceted Quilt (2-day workshop)

2-day workshop: Friday 9 AM - 4 PM; Saturday 9 AM - 4 PM
Among Friends Quilt Shop
9537 Taylorsville Road
Louisville, KY 40299
Price: $140.00
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In this fast-paced workshop, students will create their own singularly beautiful work of faceted light using the same single-foundation piecing techniques I use to create my own “diamond quilts”.

The most beautiful gemstones capture light and reflect it back to us with unique brilliance and fiery personality. These are the divas and the drama queens of the gem world, the lovely inspiration for my giant gem portraits. I’ll begin the day showing students how to look deep into a gem to find inspiration for a future project, showing them actual quilts inspired by specific gems. We’ll also discuss seven lessons that gemstones can teach us about how to add sparkle to any quilt project regardless of the subject matter.

Following that introduction to gems and the principles of abstraction, students will choose from one of several pre-selected abstract gem designs based on their skill level. They will then learn how to chart the design onto freezer paper; code each piece for color, location, and adjacency; position template pieces onto fabric to achieve the desired light effects; and ultimately create their own unique study in faceted color.

The second day will be devoted to piecing and quilting the mini-quilt top created the day before. We’ll review piecing techniques, as well as quilting techniques (both hand-quilting and machine-quilting) that students may use to complete their mini-quilt.

Teaching_Sample Construction 1.jpg